Australia’s Energy Operator Says SA’s Power Supply Is Getting Very Tight

Jan 24, 2019


The Australian Energy Market Operator says the power supply in SA during this week’s heatwave will be under severe pressure and has suggested numerous tips to keep energy usage to a minimum.

AEMO said in a statement posted on its website:

“With Adelaide experiencing some of its hottest weather in 80 years, and Victoria nudging past 40 degrees, the electricity supply and demand balance is very tight in Victoria and South Australia over the next few days…

“As with last summer, AEMO has put in place its Summer Readiness Plan, which includes the sourcing of 941 megawatts of off-market reserves through the Reliability and Emergency Trader (RERT) mechanism…

“We continue to monitor the situation very closely this week but acknowledge that the supply and demand balance is very tight. Extreme weather (we are seeing forecasts of 37-42C in Victoria and 40C-46C in South Australia) naturally puts the power system under pressure (like any type of major machinery), particularly between the peak demand hours of 4pm – 7pm.

“AEMO has the emergency resources to call on should we need them, but consumers too can play a part in carefully planning their energy usage in the coming days:

- Lower your blinds before you leave for work in the morning

- If you’re at home during the day, run the dishwasher or washing machine earlier in the day to avoid the 4pm-7pm peak electricity demand period.

- You don’t have to turn off your aircon during the peak period, but you can help reduce your energy usage by adjusting the setting to 20-24 degrees instead of leaving it at 18 degrees.

- If you have a pool, temporarily turn off your pool pump during the peak period.”

LISTEN to AEMO CEO Audrey Zibelman speak with FIVEaa’s Leon Byner here: