A Local Politician Has Been Caught Out In Hospital Obstetrics Closure

Mar 15, 2019


Local member Amanda Rishworth says she can “imagine the feelings” of women caught up in the closure of Flinders Private’s obstetric unit -- because she is one of them.

Ms Rishworth told FIVEaa’s Leon Byner on Friday:

“I actually was notified by my obstetrician yesterday. They had only just found out that no longer would any obstetric services be available at Flinders Private from the 31st of July, which is an incredibly short lead-time.

“Women are pregnant for nine months -- to be having the 31st of July as the cut off date is a very short period of time.

“My due date is the 2nd of August so I’m in a little bit of limbo, so I can imagine the feelings of many, many women in the southern suburbs.

“I think this took everyone by surprise. I think it’s taken the government by surprise, I think it’s taken all the staff by surprise and the medical, all the doctors by surprise.

“I don’t think anyone saw this coming and I think it is a real tragedy for the south.”