A Conflict In The Middle East Would Cripple Aussie Economy In Two Weeks

Apr 16, 2018


REVEALED -- Australia has less than half the fuel reserves it is supposed to.

According to The Australian, former deputy chief of the air force John Blackburn says Australia has fuel reserves for only 45 days rather than the 90 mandated for the International Energy Agency.

“If the Middle East security situation blew up or deteriorated -- for example, if Syria took off -- there is no plan B in this country on how to manage it,” Mr Blackburn told the paper last week. “The International Energy Agency has stated that much in its February 2018 report on Australia’s energy policy.”

“It said it could not see how Australia would cope with a major oil supply disruption that would lead to market failure.

“In a major disruption... we would have major problems within two weeks.”

Piers Akerman told Leon Byner on Monday the situation highlighted the “short sightedness of the political elites in Australia”.

“Unfortunately our politics is dominated by polls -- there’s this obsession with how am I doing. But it’s all short-term gain for a long-term loss.

“If we get the slightest hiccup in fuel supplies from the Middle East… we’ve got no fallback position. Our fuel supply line has a number of vulnerable points.

“The elites in Canberra are paying more attention to the Green voters in inner urban electorates in every major capital city than they are to the people who actually do the grunt work in Australia.”