A Big Case Is Going To Court Over SA’s 2016 State Blackout

Aug 7, 2019


The Australian Energy Regulator is taking four South Australian wind farm operators to court over the 2016 blackout that sent the entire state into darkness.

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor has told FIVEaa’s Leon Byner:

“850,000 South Australians were in darkness as a result of that event. Most of your listeners I’m sure will remember it well. Part of the reason it happened we know is the wind farms weren’t generating as they should’ve.

“If people are going to bring wind and solar farms into the system there is no problem with that, that is fine, but they have to be properly integrated,” he said.

“That means they’ve got to be backed up so when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine we have the power we need to keep the lights on, to keep the wheels of industry turning, and they have to perform.

“They are standards that we now expect, we have actually set rules now up in the national electricity market to require these things and we expect those rules to be kept.”