Jeremy Cordeaux Reveals He Applied For A Very Controversial New Job

Feb 27, 2019


Legendary FIVEaa broadcaster Jeremy Cordeaux has revealed that he recently threw his hat in the ring for a very interesting role at a rival media outlet...

Jeremy dropped his bombshell while speaking with entertainment reporter Peter Ford.

Peter said he had never read the job description for the role of chairman of the ABC, to which Jeremy said:

“I have… it’s one day a month, near as I can figure.

“I didn’t bring this up with the management here at FIVEaa but I applied for the job. I did! Just for fun, I did.

“They took it seriously, as I took it seriously, knowing full well of course, that’s why I didn’t bring it up with the management here because there’s no way someone like me would ever, ever come anywhere near running the ABC.

“It would never be allowed, for God’s sake.”

“I had three phone calls back from them and I just put my tongue in my cheek and I went through the motions. Ultimately this very nice gentleman rang me back and said, ‘I’m afraid, Sir Jeremy, you didn’t make the final cut… let’s just say you weren’t the right stuff.’

“And I said, oh, I’m not surprised… I think it was about $180,000 a year. That’s for one day’s work a month. Not bad.”