An Adelaide Man Who Was KIDNAPPED Overseas Says He Feared For His Life

Aug 1, 2018


An Adelaide man has opened up about the terrifying moment last week when he was held against his will in an Italian apartment and robbed of hundreds of Euros.

Speaking from London, ‘Jack’ told Jeremy Cordeaux on FIVEaa that a night out in Italy last Friday started out innocently but soon turned sinister.

“I went to a local bar for a couple of bees. I clearly kind of obviously looked like a solo traveller and this girl came up and started to talking to me. We were hanging out and whatnot…

“With her I went back via my hotel for a few minutes then we left again. We met this other friend of hers, this sort of 30-year-old male. He said my friends are having some people around back at their house, do you want to join us? Stupidly I went, oh, isn’t this nice, I’ve met some local Italian people. I went back to this house.”

Jack said he believed he was later drugged when he was offered a cup of tea.

“After that I remember saying I need to sit down…

“They said to me: ‘We want money, give me your credit card.’ I said no, and then they got more aggressive. It became quite threatening and I said I would like to leave. He went to the door and blocked the door and said, ‘You’re not going anywhere.’

“That’s when I realised I was in trouble.”