A Naked Cleaning Company Is Heading To Adelaide

Jul 20, 2018


The owner of naked cleaning business ‘Bare All Cleaning’ says he has plans to bring the service to Adelaide this year.

The company already services northern NSW and southern QLD and is about to start in Sydney and Melbourne.

“We’ve got Adelaide that we’ll look to come to probably in about three months time,” owner Brett Jones has told Jeremy Cordeaux on FIVEaa.

“It’s really taken off in a very large and extraordinary way very quickly.

“We were just looking to move into a residential cleaning area and we just came up with a point of difference. We did a bit of research and dug a little bit deeper and found out there wasn’t anyone doing this.

“There was actually a large gap in the market for it so we took the bull by the horns and went for it.

“When I first started this I thought it was going to be a lot more challenging than what it’s turned out to be. We’ve aligned ourselves with the naturalist movement -- people wanting to get their gear off, like nudists camps, all those type of things. We get four to five people a day applying for jobs.

“They range in all shapes and sizes -- it’s not just the genetically blessed. People want different things, and we cater both male and female.

“Our clients are well spread from uni students who thinks it’s a bit of fun… all the way up to old people who are living by themselves and want the company. We do have some people that have worked in the adult entertainment industry… but it caters from 21 to late 50s.

“It’s a look but don’t touch policy, it’s not a sex service or anything like that. It’s purely a cleaning service where the uniform is what they were blessed with.”

Brett says a full naked clean will set you back $149 per hour.