The latest My Plan Plus deals from Optus

Apr 5, 2017


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Thanks to Harvey Norman.

Optus have built their mobile communications business around a single word - ‘Yes’. And their latest My Plan Plus deals are perhaps the clearest example of yes in action.

Launching in April with prices from $40/month, these 4 new plans are geared for the heavy user, but they’re just as heavy on benefits, too.

Want a new phone with your new plan? Optus says Yes.

Want more flexibility than you’ve ever had? They say Yes to that, too.

So let’s look at the Plans. First up, $40/month.

This entry level plan includes 1 gig of data plus unlimited talk and text as standard.

Move up to the $65/month and you’re in for some nice bonuses.

Like big 3.5 gig of data, unlimited talk and text AND up to 150 minutes of international talk.

Let’s go further than that. If your phone habits are on the heavy side there are some plans with plenty of extra kick. The $85/month plan pumps up your data to 10 gig and gives you up to 300 minutes of International Talk.

Join up to the $100/month plan and the user benefits are laid on thick.  Try a whopping 15GB of data and up to 400 minutes of International Talk on for size.

But if you live on your phone, or you make a living because of it, these plans are at the big end of town. As standard, the $130 per month plan gets a very generous 30 gig of data, plus unlimited International talk and text.

Want even more? The $160 plan is packed with value including a massive 100 gig of data! AND unlimited talk and text.

Optus knows how to make things personal when it comes to communication.

The My Plan Plus deals are impressive on their own, but when you add in the guaranteed New Phone trade-up and NO PLAN cancellation fees, they are simply unbeatable.

And to get even more, like $100 cash go to your local Harvey Norman store, and connect to any of the 24 month My Plus plans.

Harvey Norman is Australia’s Optus Destination, so if you want to know more, grab your current phone and head to your nearest Harvey Norman.