Wireless Speakers From Harvey Norman

Sep 17, 2018


Thanks to Harvey Norman.

What are we all searching for in life… freedom. And where do you find it? In a wireless speaker of course! So next step? Ask yourself what do you want it for?

Do you want to take your music to the beach?

Do you want to listen to the radio while gardening in the backyard?

Do you want to blow the street away with some Akka Dakka at your hubby’s fiftieth?

A great place to start is with Ultimate Ears. These are the ulti –MATE when it comes to wireless speakers. UE come in a stunning two tone high performance design. They have a magic button – for one touch to music; and they are totally water and dust/sand proof… oh and they float. Start at the Wonderboom for everyday listening… or dive straight into the UE Megaboom and bring the party to life.

Another great place to explore wireless sound is the Sony XB range.

We’re talking your own portable personal sound festival in awesome colours and some of the models even come with funky lighting features: they’re safe to use by the pool or at the beach. With great battery life they’re ideal for day-long events. The XB in Sony XB stands for Extra Bass – and that’s what you get. Sharp, detailed sound with deep bass.

Ok, now go forth and enjoy your new found freedom in the form of wireless speakers.