The Norton Core Secure Wi-Fi Router

Aug 9, 2018


Thanks to Harvey Norman

Sure, many internet providers tend to recommend wi-fi routers... but not all are created equal. Let’s take a look at the new Norton Core Secure Wi-Fi Router... which has been designed to not only offer fast internet speeds, and top-grade security features, but to also put control of your home internet activity in your hands - literally.

Home security is no longer just about alarms and security cameras. In today’s digitally connected world, hackers are the new burglars and can intrude on your privacy through the myriad of connected devices around your home. Whether it be our smart TV, smart fridge, connected security cameras, baby monitors – even some connected kid’s toys; each connected device in your house represents a virtual front door that can see your family’s privacy, personal information, and financial savings comprised without you knowing.

The new Norton Core Secure Wi-Fi Router is a high-performance, high-speed Wi-Fi router that employs first-class Symantec security software to help keep hackers out, protecting users’ data and their connected devices in their home network. Easily controlled through the powerful, intuitive Norton Core app for iOS and Android, the Norton Core allows you to manage your home network right from your smartphone. You have the power to adjust Wi-Fi settings, monitor threats, and control bandwidth on your phone, all the while keeping your home network and up to 10 mobile devices like laptops and mobile phone protected anytime, anywhere.

Smart Parental Controls can give parents the ability to monitor and manage screen time for each child, control online weekend and weekday time limits, and set content filters for individual devices based on the age of the child using the device. The entire network can even be paused, which can come in handy if you want to draw the kids out of their bedrooms at dinner time.

Built from the ground up with security in mind, the Norton Core app gives your home network a Security Score, identifying your network’s weaknesses and providing timely insights and advice on ways to improve your security. For high level protection, Norton Core uses deep packet inspection to check all traffic it deems untrusted or risky, keeping your home network safe from possible invasions with its intrusion detection and prevention engines.

Not just a powerful performer, Norton Core is designed as a beautiful geodesic dome, so you can place it out in the open as part of your home décor ensuring your Wi-Fi performance isn’t hampered by a router that’s hidden away.

You have smart devices, why not have a smart router? Norton is a name synonymous with computer security. Norton Core is an investment for peace of mind when it comes to digital safety for the whole family.

Norton Core --- the secure Wi-Fi router from Symantec Investor Relations on Vimeo.

Norton Core is exclusively available for purchase in Australia at Harvey Norman nationwide for $399. Norton Core, comes bundled with a one-year subscription to Norton Core Security Plus, which covers your connected devices at home and up to 10 desktops, laptops and mobile devices.