A New Era In Leasing.

Mar 9, 2018


Thanks to Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman has just launched a new way to lease... It’s called Lisa.

Lisa for Life

Whether you’re head over heels with a new smart phone, or want a new gaming console for the family, there’s a new way to get your hands on the latest products and benefit from a few perks in the process.

Lisa understands that life and products have a habit of changing. When you lease with Lisa, you can always have the latest and greatest, with no deposit1 and affordable monthly payments.

Now there’s a way to enjoy something new or completely different, without having to wait for your lease agreement to end, thanks to Switch-Point!

At the Switch-Point you can apply to upgrade to new models or switch to different goods before your agreement ends and have some of your lease payments waived.2

Lisa for Business

Is your business equipment in need of an upgrade? Afraid that breakdowns and necessary expansion could get on top of you? That’s where leasing can help.

Lisa allows you to take advantage of the latest goods for work, study and/or your lifestyle, and stay up to date with new product releases. Since you’ll be leasing rather than buying goods, you’ll have the freedom to stay up to date without the upfront outlays. Tax deductions3 may also be available when goods are used for business purposes.

Lisa for Education

From kindy to uni, learning can get expensive. Especially when devices can’t quite keep pace with the class. That’s where Lisa can make school and study a little less stressful – from budgeting, to upgrading. Here’s how.

Lisa knows what it’s like to keep up with your lifestyle. That’s why the goods you lease will be protected from accidental loss, accidental damage or theft4. So, if a dog chews your leased laptop, for instance, you won’t have to swallow a massive bill.

What if you decide to change direction with your studies? Not a problem. There’s a number of lease options that won’t box you in – from applying for an upgrade or switching to different goods, to returning your goods and ending your agreement.

Be a Lisa.

Go to bealisa.com.au for terms and conditions

Approved applicants only, subject to suitability. 1Deposit may be required for commercial customers. 2Upgrade subject to approval. A lease payment waiver is available for the original goods if the upgrade and return occurs after the Switch-Point and the customer enters into a new lease agreement for goods valued at $500 or more. Terms and conditions apply. 3Tax deductions may apply for business customers or those using the goods for work-related purposes. See your tax advisor for details. Lisa. does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. 4Protection offered under FlexiCare Program, subject to terms, conditions and important exclusions and limitations