Get The Best WiFi Protection

Jul 10, 2019


Sponsored by Harvey Norman

These days, WiFi is everywhere. You can take advantage of a data connection for your device in all the key public spaces.

You can connect when you’re shopping in the mall. Hotels all have their own WiFi networks for guests. If you’ve travelled overseas recently, you’ll know that every airport has it’s own public WiFi for passengers. Sometimes they have multiple networks. This is all great for us to stay connected. We can happily shop, bank and use social media anywhere… but there’s a catch. A huge one.

Anything you do on a public WiFi network is not secure. Sure. They’re usually free, easy and convenient, but they’re susceptible to cybercriminal hacks.

That’s where Trend Micro WiFi Protection can help. It provides a secure virtual private network, or VPN, so you can connect securely when you shop, bank and use social media on public networks.

It uses ‘bank grade’ encryption to keep your data private. It will automatically let you know when you are connecting to an unsecured network, and it will protect you from malicious websites, online fraud or scams too!

Stay secure on public WiFi with Trend Micro WiFi Protection, available at Harvey Norman.

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