Bring Your Own Device with Harvey Norman

Dec 14, 2017


Thanks to Harvey Norman

Some school will supply laptops… but others ask that you Bring Your Own Device. If you’re not sure what to buy, Harvey Norman has a huge range to choose from.

Finding a decent laptop when you’re on a budget used to be tricky. Lenovo makes it easy with the IdeaPad 120 S. Sure, they price is low but the value is high. The Lenovo 120 S combines a slick design with a decent battery life and a performance that beats other Windows laptops in the budget category.

The Lenovo Yoga 310 is designed to be different. It’s a book, it’s a tablet. It’s a laptop. It’s as flexible as you are. It has four adjustable user modes: laptop, stand, tent and tablet. Each one can be tailored to suit your lifestyle no matter where it takes you. If you want to take your computing on the go, Lenovo Yoga is for you.

The Ollee Metal 13" Laptop is driven by a dual-core processor for smooth program loading. Running on Windows 10, it gives you access to a host of new features like remastered security settings, richer menus, and a more intuitive interface. The bright screen supports high resolution visuals so it’s perfect for playing games, watching movies and more.

With speedy, solid state storage, great battery life and excellent connectivity the Lenovo Ideapad 120S-3B Laptop is the perfect device for students or on-the-go professionals. Featuring a 14" screen and high quality Wi-Fi connectivity, you can watch your favourite movies or TV shows online with ease. A 128 gig drive also means heaps of storage space.

The Asus VivoBook Flip 2-in-1 Laptop want you to take smooth and convenient computing on the move. Durable hinges, a long lasting battery and crisp screen allow you to make the most of the Core i3 processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM under the hood of this laptop.

With the Lenovo Yoga 720, you four adjustable user modes: laptop, stand, tent and tablet. Enjoy vibrant colour and detail with up to a Full High Definition screen, edged on three sides with razor thin bezels that maximize your viewing experience.

The new HP Spectre i5 13” Laptop features a Ceramic White finish with brushed silver/gold accents. It’s a beautifully crafted lightweight design and the impressive Bang & Olufsen sound system make it perfect for working on the go. The Spectre’s backlit keys allows you to work efficiently even in complete darkness.

Need a bit more power and speed? The HP Spectre i7 is built around Intel’s 8th Generation i7 Core Processor. The HP Spectre i7 delivers powerfully smooth performance with a 512 gig Solid State Drive and 8 gig of RAM. That delivers blistering speed and sufficient storage for movies, music, images and documents.

The Lenova Yoga 920 is in a league of its own with speed and power to streamline your day: long-range voice-activated support and a nearly edgeless 4K display. The Yoga 920’s intricate watchband hinge rotates smoothly to suit the moment, with precisely enough resistance to provide stability in your mode of choice.

The HP Spectre X360 2-in-1 Laptop helps you stay productive and do multiple tasks with ease. Featuring a powerful processor and a user-friendly interface, the x360 is a trusty companion. It also features a Full HD Widevision webcam with mic so you can take stunning photos and videos and make video calls pop with great clarity and detail.