A Popular Version Of Windows Is About To Close Down

Aug 19, 2019


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A big name is computing as about to retire for good…

Windows 7 has served us well but it’s moving on to that big trash folder in the sky.

A lot of home PCs run on Windows 7 and very soon, you won’t be able to get support from Microsoft. It’s reached what Microsoft delicately calls it’s ‘End Of Life’ phase.

The move is often used by Microsoft and other companies to dedicate people and time to the applications and services that matter the most.

Like famous predecessors ‘Windows 95’ and ‘XP’, Windows 7 had a very good run.

It was a hugely popular operating system retaining more than a third of all Windows users over its 10 year life span. It was the most widely used version of Windows until ‘10’ took over.

While Microsoft continued to support it through the release of ‘8’ and ‘10’, it’s truly a dinosaur now.

Technically, you could still use ‘7’, but Microsoft will no longer patch security holes in the operating system. This means safety is going to be an issue.

The good news is that the latest version of Windows 10 is very easy to climb into if you’ve been a fan of ‘7’. Harvey Norman has a huge range of Windows 10 laptops and they can help you make the upgrade.