Pancake torte with meringue topping

May 8, 2018


This is the ultimate dessert. It combines eggs whites, chestnuts and fig jam -- thanks to Rilka Warbanoff and Foodland.

Serves 6

Ingredients for pancakes

125 g plain flour

2 eggs at room temperature

250 ml soda water

1/2 dsp castor sugar

150 g chestnut puree

150 g fig jam


Ingredients for meringue topping

2 egg whites at room temperature

2 tbsp castor sugar


In a bowl, prepare the batter for the pancakes, by adding the soda to the flour beat, add the sugar eggs and a pinch of salt and beat until you have a smooth batter. Leave to rest for at least 1 hour even a couple of hours.

In a crepe pan approximately 20 cm wide heat the pan and rub a little butter on the pan with kitchen paper, then using a ladle pour some of batter on the pan to form a thin layer. Cook briefly until colour forms on the underside and then flip. Remove from the pan and repeat until you have 8 or 10 pancakes. This will vary depending on how thick you make them the more the better.

To serve place a pancake on the bottom of a heat proof serving platter that will fit into your oven and then spread a little fig jam, then another pancake and then this time a layer of chestnut puree keep repeating the process until you have finished with a pancake layer.

Beat the egg white with the sugar until very stiff spoon the egg whites onto the top pancake and then place in a preheated oven at 180c for 10 minutes until golden. Serve at once.