Woolies Needs To Confirm Customer Data Wasn’t Compromised During Crash

Apr 17, 2018


The day after an IT crash forced Woolworths stores around Australia to close, Adelaide Techguy Richard Pascoe says the supermarket giant needs to reassure customers.

“Alarm bells were ringing for me yesterday on a number of fronts,” Richard told FIVEaa on Tuesday. “One, I think Woolies should be really concerned that the whole country can go down, where it’s controlled from one central point. I don’t think that’s a great idea.”

“The other thing that really concerns me more than anything -- was it a cyber attack on Woolies yesterday that brought them down?

“What I would expect to hear today from the CEO is why this happened. We need some sort of statement that shopper’s details have not been compromised in any way. Anybody who has one of those orange Woolies cards, any time you go in the store and scan it they know exactly who you are, exactly what you’ve bought.”

On Tuesday morning, Woolies CEO Brad Banducci apologised for the “unexpected outage” that sent stores into meltdown.

“This was related to an update to our IT systems,” Mr Banducci said.

“Our systems ultimately self-corrected themselves and we were back and open for trade across most stores by 4.30pm, with all stores now operational.

“This type of incident should not occur and we apologise unreservedly to our customers and store teams for the inconvenience caused.”