Will Goodings Played An Absolute First-Rate Prank On David Penberthy This Morning

Dec 12, 2018


FIVEaa breakfast co-host and onetime -- “many, many years ago” -- latecomer to work David Penberthy finally thought scores were level when Will Goodings failed to turn up to work on Wednesday -- or so it appeared.

After starting the show solo, Penbo left a voicemail for Will live on air:

“Hey Will, mate, it’s Penbo. Where the hell are ya? I’m here on my own and it just doesn’t feel right.”

Penbo was somewhat shocked to hear Will reply from the next door studio.

“Hang on, so this is some sort of zany prank is it?! For God’s sake.”

WILL: “If you thought super nerd Will Goodings was sleeping in the morning after the space agency was announced in Adelaide you, my friend, don’t know me particularly well.”