Vegan Activists Cop “Pathetic” Fine For Public Protest

Oct 1, 2019


The vegan activists who shut down Melbourne’s CBD as part of a protest in April have all been allowed to pay $100 to a charity as punishment after they pleaded guilty to obstruction.

David Penberthy said during Tuesday’s FIVEaa Breakfast show:

“Going out, expressing your opinions, even causing a bit of disruption is I think fine in a democracy, but when it goes beyond that… they were monstering, harassing and tormenting people who were just trying to make an innocent living…

“The view that these people had enslaved these poor animals because you’re knocking out a but of fetta is militancy writ large and $100 fine is beyond pathetic.”

WILL: “It would’ve been a graver offence to have parked illegally whilst doing it.”