There’s A Bit Of A Theory Going Around About FIVEaa’s David And Will

Jun 13, 2019


FIVEaa’s David Penberthy cast a knowing wink to the escalating online gossip and scuttlebutt around town when he acknowledged on air that he and breakfast co-host Will Goodings may have (plot twist) “officially turned into the same person”…

Will had just launched a rocket at union boss John Setka who is under fire for reportedly disparaging remarks about Rosie Batty.

“Why is there any debate about whether this bloke should hold any pubic position in this country?” Will said on Thursday. “There isn’t for mine. The Rosie Batty [comment] is just the icing on the turd cake that is this guy.”

“I can’t for the life of me -- it damages the movement, it damages the people that they do a good job representing to have this person there.”

Penbo then appeared to confirm what many conspiracy theorists have long suspected…

“Mate, this might be the point at which you and I have officially turned into the same person. I wrote a column about this for tomorrow’s paper yesterday afternoon and the last sentence that came out of your mouth is almost verbatim the conclusion of my article.”

WILL: “That’s frightening.”