There Is Some “Good News” For Soccer Fans In South Australia

Aug 8, 2019


A big development means there is still a chance South Australia could host women’s soccer World Cup matches if Australia’s bid for the 2023 event is successful.

Earlier this week SA was ruled out as a possible venue, but according to FIVEaa Breakfast’s Will Goodings:

“We’re here to tell you at Breaking @ 8 this morning: don’t be so sure we won’t be hosting games.

“There is good news for soccer fans in South Australia. This is brinkmanship by the state government. We can reveal the FFA have written to the state government saying the parameters for the bid are changing and that they want to re-engage with the government about how a bid could work in South Australia.

“Our understating is that the state government is more than happy to restart the conversation given that SA may be able to meet the lower and more relaxed requirements for venues in the state. So all hope not lost for SA’s chances of hosting women’s world cup matches in 2023.”