There Is “More To The Story” Of Josh Jenkins' Adelaide Crows Selection Snub

May 24, 2019


FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe says he is “shocked” Josh Jenkins wasn’t brought back into the Adelaide Crows team after kicking a bag of goals in the SANFL last weekend.


Rowey told FIVEaa Breakfast on Friday:

“Everybody’s talking about the Crows shock at the selection table. Milera in and Gibbs out. No Josh Jenkins.

“I’m shocked I must admit. Clearly they didn’t rate his six goals in the SANFL. I’d have picked JJ. You pick your best team to win. He’s back in form, his ankle is ok, he’s 100 per cent fit. There’s more to this to me. There is more to this than the ability of a bloke to play back in that number one team.

“If it was game one, two, or three for Elliott [Himmelberg] you’d say, no, back the kid in again. But he’s had five games. Last week was far below par. I don’t want to pot Elliott. Elliott has got a future. I think he’s been on the slide the last two if I’m brutally honest. And Josh’s graph is going the other way.

“I couldn’t give a rat’s who’s in and who’s out to be honest with you, but I’m telling you there’s more to this story and Josh Jenkins in my eyes… he’s ready. He’s back at the level. He is a better option than Elliott now in ruck and in that forward line. If I’m the opposition I’m rubbing my hands together that Elliott’s back in the team and Josh isn’t… there’s more to this story. There has to be.”

But FIVEaa Breakfast co-host was all for Himmelberg’s selection ahead of Jenkins.

“Maybe he’s got play more than one good game in a row,” Will said. “In any sport if you’ve got a 20-year-old bloke and a 30-year-old bloke, and if their outputs are roughly similar, in every sport you’re picking the 20-year-old guy.

“I don’t want the team to be picked for toady. I want a team that can be picked to win a premiership ultimately. And for that you have to back in guys who have upside and I reckon that’s Elliott Himmelberg… they’re building for something bigger than a win this weekend.”

ROWEY: “That’s a ridiculous comment to make. Round 10 when you’re sitting five and four… you’ve got to win enough games to get into the finals to win a premiership. I disagree. I 100 per cent disagree. The number one option that you have to do is pick a team that wins that week with an eye to the future.”