The State Government Has Contacted GM About What It Will Do With Holden Memorabilia

Feb 24, 2020


A state government minister has written to General Motors in Detroit after it emerged the company was looking at taking prized Holden memorabilia back to the United States.

Education Minister John Gardner -- who has oversight of the National Motor Museum, which is also in his electorate -- told FIVEaa Breakfast’s David & Will on Monday:

“It would be an extremely disappointing development…

“It’s an opportunity for them by making a significant donation to the National Motor Museum to assist them in keeping their brand seen in a positive light at a time when there’s a lot of disappointment around the brand…

“A number of their artefacts, a number of their cars already do reside in our collection in the National Motor Museum. But there’s some very important concept cars and there’s a range of other automobiles that are still in the Holden heritage collection and obviously there is a significant concern now about what’s going to happen to that collection…

“These are items that are of enormous historical significance, cultural significance and personal memories for so many people in Australia and Adelaide who worked on them and I think they would be of less value in the United States to the company.”