The Latest On Adelaide FC’s Search For A New Coach

Oct 11, 2019


UPDATE, 10.20am -- High Profile Exits Following Adelaide Crows Review:

AFC football boss Brett Burton and assistant coach Scott Camporeale follow Don Pyke out of the Crows, following the review into the club's operations.



Matthew Nicks still looks most likely as the Adelaide Crows prepare to “rubber stamp” a new coach over the weekend before a possible announcement mid next week following delivery of the club’s external review, says FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe.

Rowey told FIVEaa Breakfast on Friday he expects the review to drop on Monday, before an announcement about the coach on Wednesday.

He told David & Will:

“Crows are honing in on their coach, no question about that -- it’s a Nicks, a Burns, a Yze, Hocking, a Harvey. 100 per cent likely to be a first timer.

“I think they’re -- as we sit today -- not convinced. If I was a betting man I think all indications are it’s going to be Matthew Nicks. He ticks all the boxes: experienced at two clubs, he is a relationship builder, a leader. He has a great approach -- I like his footy intel...

“Over the weekend they will rubber stamp [the decision]. It will be announced early next week, possibly Wednesday after the external review. Massive, massive weekend and three days coming up for the Adelaide footy club.”