The Investigation Into Sam Powell-Pepper Is Nearly Finished

Apr 17, 2018


Port Adelaide chairman David Koch says an AFL report is “imminent” into allegations Sam Powell-Pepper indecently assaulted a woman during a drunken night out.

“The report’s being done,” Kochie told FIVEaa breakfast on Tuesday. “We’re asking to look at the report.”

“The allegations that have been made are extremely serious. When media start talking about sexual assault that elevates the situation, as it quite rightly should. There’s got to be justice and evidence for all parties involved.

“The integrity unit and our own integrity committee have been putting together any evidence that is available. Certainly with the AFL’s report we’re asking to see any evidence they’ve got.

“Discussions are coming to a conclusion and we would hope that it would be resolved sometime today because there’s a lot of stress for all parties involved.”

Kochie confirmed there had been no police involvement “whatsoever” in the investigation.

“It’s so important this is done right for all involved. It’s got to be absolutely clear-cut, but no chargers have been laid at all.

“Hopefully we’ll get a resolution that everybody will be comfortable with. If the allegations are true then the full consequences have to be brought down.”