The Government Is Looking At Privatising Adelaide’s Trains And Trams

May 15, 2019


Adelaide’s commuter rail network could soon be privatised under a sweeping review of SA’s public transport system, the minister has confirmed on FIVEaa.

Transport Minister Stephan Knoll told FIVEaa Breakfast on Wednesday:

“We can’t sit on our hands here. The status quo isn’t good enough. There are heaps of ways that we can make improvements and we’re keen to do that… we’re willing to keep our mind open and keep ideas on the table to achieve that.

“Right across the country we are the only state that still has a public tram network. Every single other tram network that’s operated in the country… aren’t run by the government… we’ve seen examples where it’s working all right, we’ve seen examples where its not working all right. But I don’t want to take ideas off the table…

“We want to maintain control over what’s going on. There is a very large social equity component to the public transport service and that has to be maintained. But at this stage to play a rule in, rule out game I think is a bit disingenuous when were’ too early in the process.

“When we came to government we found a public transport network that wasn’t performing that well. We have the lowest levels of patronage in the country and they’re declining…

“So against that backdrop we’ve been looking all over the world at what good public transport systems look like and how do they operate and how can we improve our public transport network…”