The GREATEST sportsman of our time -- bar none

Jul 17, 2017


After winning his eighth Wimbledon title -- and 19th Grand Slam -- Stephen Rowe says Roger Federer is now the best sportsman we have ever seen.

“Surely now the greatest sportsman of our time, bar none,” Rowey told FIVEaa breakfast on Monday.

“Name one better. He’s better than Muhammad Ali -- yes he is.”

Rowey said there were a number of reasons why Federer was the best:

“Longevity is number one, your record -- and his has no peer -- I think sportsmanship comes into it, I think universally loved comes into it, certainly money comes into it…

“This bloke, I don’t think there’s one person in his entire career who has had a bad word to say about him. Honestly he is a legend. He is the greatest sportsman of our time, full stop.

“And he’s a beautiful man -- fair dinkum unbelievable.”