Teenage Girl Punched Out By A Schoolie Says He Never Apologised

Mar 13, 2018


Images | 9 News Adelaide

A teenage girl punched in the face by a schoolie says she hasn’t heard from her attacker despite a court finding he was remorseful.

Filip Manevski-Radin was found guilty of assault but escaped criminal conviction.

“He hasn’t tried to apologise,” Brittany Powell told FIVEaa on Tuesday.

“I don’t know if he’s trying to make himself look better but he didn’t… If he’s such a good guy why wouldn’t you apologise and be remorseful.

“I was almost left out of it.

Brittany -- who now has regular physio and psychologist appointments -- said the sentence was “horrible”.

“I just saw it on the news. No one even contacted me -- it was so weird.

“I was so shocked. Everyone led me to believe he was going to get convicted.

“I did not go to the trial, they pretty much left me out of it. I think the police officers stepped in for me but no one let me know.”

She said the punch caught her completely by surprise.

“It was horrible. You almost black it out a little bit… I remember screaming. I fell to the ground on the side and I was just crying heaps.”