Steven Marshall Says We Need To “Significantly Increase” Our Population

Oct 11, 2018


SA’s population needs to grow “significantly” if the state is to retain its current proportion of the national population, says Premier Steven Marshall.

“All I’m saying is let’s not get further behind proportionally,” Mr Marshall told FIVEaa on Thursday. “Let’s stick where we are -- about 7 per cent of the Australian population.”

“To stick at that point we are going to have to quite significantly increase our uptake or our growth in the population. Three ways to do it: keeping young South Australians here, more international students, and targeted international migration.”

“The people that we are interested in are people that are going to have jobs here from day one…

“This is a tough debate. This is one of those dog whistle-type debates where people can very easily spin this out of control.

“It will be very useful if Peter Malinauskas and the Labor party came out and repeated what they say at business lunches when they do support targeted migration to South Australia, so it doesn’t become Labor vs. Liberal…”

Mr Marshall paid tribute to immigrants like Vili Milisits and Hieu Van Le who arrived after WWII and “shaped” South Australia.

“There is nothing to fear here,” he said. “What we see is an opportunity.”

“Of course we’ve got to manager it. We’ve got to do it sensibly.

“We want to avoid the problems that they’ve had in Melbourne or Sydney or Brisbane around overcrowding, but you should not fear greater migration to South Australia.

“It’s one of the fundamentals to our state.”