Steven Marshall Says He’s Hit A “Raw Nerve” With Nick Xenophon

Feb 13, 2018


State opposition leader Steven Marshall has restated his belief that Nick Xenophon has “done a deal” to return the Weatherill Labor government to power in South Australia.

Steven Marshall | FIVEaa

“Of course I do,” he told FIVEaa on Tuesday.

“Here’s a guy who says to me October last year that we’re going to run in four to six seats, he says half Liberal, half Labor. He’s announced 19 Liberal seats, 11 Labor seats. He says we’ve got to get rid of Labor yet he’s doing everything he possibly can to help Jay Weatherill and Tom Koutsantonis get elected again.”

On Monday Mr Xenophon threatened legal action if Mr Marshall repeated his claim.

“I tell you what, I’ve hit a raw nerve there haven’t I," Mr Marshall said. "I think we’re really seeing the lawyer in Nick Xenophon come out."

"That’s my opinion, I think he’s done a deal. Every single piece of evidence is pointing in that direction.”