Stephen Rowe SLAMS Bombshell Report Into Adelaide Crows Review

Sep 3, 2019


FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe has ripped into “a Victorian bias to kick the club when it’s down” as multiple reports emerge about the external review of the Adelaide Crows.

An overnight article on claimed several Crows players have concerns about the inclusion of Jason Dunstall and Matthew Pavlich on the review committee.

Rowey told FIVEaa Breakfast on Tuesday:

“I’m getting a sense that there’s a Victorian bias to kick the club when it’s down. They have come off the top turnbuckle. I know the club’s in a bit of trouble, they’ll fix it. They’ve got the review, let it takes its process…

“D. Barrett has written this article. I’m going to get to the bottom of this today and I bet you it’s 100 per cent not true. Bugger it -- it’s gloves off now. Get nicked. Just let the club do its job.”

But Rowey said he was concerned about another report claiming Crows players were worried the wording of a questionnaire was designed to portray coach Don Pyke negatively.

“All parties must be 100 per cent in support and not discuss with anybody --even teammates -- the responses they give,” Rowey said. “Confidentiality and confidence in the review process… the validity of it has to be paramount.”

“I hope players aren’t talking outside of the four walls of the club about this review… keep this in house and let it take its course, otherwise this is going to be an absolute you-know-what fight… let it takes it course.”