South Australia Is About To “Fall Off The Map Completely”

Apr 16, 2018


The Electoral Commission’s recommendation to abolish the federal seat of Port Adelaide has triggered a game of musical chairs in side the ALP and spells trouble for SA, says David Penberthy.

“It’s a disgrace in a historical sense,” Penbo said on Monday’s FIVEaa breakfast. “As a city Port Adelaide plays such an important part in the heritage of this town that it should definitely be a seat.”

He also said removal of the “iconic” seat -- currently held by Labor’s Mark Butler -- had set off a “cascading domino” effect inside the ALP.

“At the moment it sounds like the left faction are talking about some kind of arrangement where Mark Butler would take the seat of Hindmarsh from his friend and factional ally Steven Georganas. And Steven Georganas is keen on taking the seat of Adelaide.

“Given the retirement of Kate Ellis -- who’s also my wife -- as the member for Adelaide, there would only be one woman lower house MP if that were to happen.

“For a party that’s committed to affirmative action, having 20 per cent of its lower house South Australian MPs being female is a bit of a headache.”

Meanwhile Will Goodings noted the electoral boundary redistribution meant SA now only had one marginal seat.

“If you don’t live in a marginal what do you get? The answer is nothing. Boothby is the only marginal seat, so don’t expect to hear South Australia mentioned or have us visited particularly often during the federal election campaign.”

PENBO: “We’re going to fall off the map completely.”