Sounds Like The Government Is Having A “Rethink” Of Its Land Tax Plan

Aug 13, 2019


An interview with Premier Steven Marshall on Tuesday’s FIVEaa Breakfast show represented a “shift in rhetoric” regarding the government’s land tax plan, says David Penberthy.

Mr Marshall told FIVEaa on Tuesday that his government would soon present a policy for public consultation, and that he did not want to “pre-empt” what it might be.

Penbo later told listeners:

“Normally in politics when you say that you don’t want to pre-empt the outcome of something it’s because you’re having a bit of a rethink about it -- because if you didn’t want to do that the answer would be, no, we stand by the policy…

“I think the reality is they put it out there as a policy and then found out in no uncertain terms exactly what a lot of their traditional supporters thought of it.

“It sounded to us like there was a shift in rhetoric that was worth shining a light on from that interview with Steven Marshall this morning.”