Some Comments Christopher Pyne Made On FIVEaa Are Causing A Bit Of A Stir

Oct 11, 2018


A reference to an attack on an Australian base in Afghanistan made on FIVEaa breakfast by minister Christopher Pyne have been denied by the defence department.

In a recent Two Tribes segment on FIVEaa, Mr Pyne spoke about missiles fired at Camp Qargha on 19 September, but a defence spokesperson has told The Australian newspaper there are no reports of any attack.

Mr Pyne told the paper he sticks by his comments and added:

“One of my roles is to convey to the public the dangerous environment our servicemen and women are in. They deserve our respect and our thanks.”

David Penberthy said he believed any error made by Mr Pyne would have been a simple case of mixing up dates.

“[The article] seems to be subliminally suggesting that the minister was perhaps big noting himself about the danger.

“I’ve got absolutely no doubt whatsoever given the frequency with which attacks happen that if there is any type of error that arose from Chris Pyne’s remarks it would be nothing more sinister than the fact the dates were arse about.

“The culture of defence is to knock the minister into shape… they want to run the defence minister.

“This to me looks like a shot over Christopher Pyne’s bow as a gentle reminder as to who’s actually in charge of the department.”