Some Changes Planned For Adelaide Crows Review Following Danny Frawley Tragedy

Sep 10, 2019


Jason Dunstall will continue to lead the review of the Adelaide Football Club following the sad death of his good friend Danny Frawley on Monday, although there is likely to be some “rescheduling” and “minor logistical changes”, reports FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy.

Penbo said during Tuesday’s Breaking @ 8 segment:

“This is vey much a secondary issue because all that matters in the context of Danny Frawley is that a good man has lost his life far too soon, but inevitably as a secondary issue there has been a lot of discussion around town about whether his great friend Jason Dunstall, who is performing the external review for the Adelaide Football Club, is going to be able to continue in that position.

“I don’t think the Crows are going to say anything publicly about this because they wouldn’t want to go down the path of commenting on what is a secondary issue, but in terms of the future of the football club, given how much is riding on the review, it’s legitimate questioning.

“It’s our understanding that Jason Dunstall will be continuing with the review and there might be some rescheduling of some planned interviews…

“The poor bloke would be gutted beyond belief… but it sounds like continuing to knuckle down is what he’s decided to do, albeit with a couple of minor logistical changes that will not affect the integrity or the timing of the review process.”