Sea & Vines Cops Backlash After Some Pretty Wild Behaviour

Jun 11, 2019


There are calls to ‘reformat’ the Sea & Vines festival following some unruly behaviour in McLaren Vale over the long weekend.

The messy behaviour of some revellers was documented online, including a group of men who were filmed urinating in public.

Now a former McLaren Vale winery manager says the festival needs a rethink.

“I think in its current format it certainly needs a tweak,” Max Mason told FIVEaa Breakfast on Tuesday.

“McLaren Vale is exemplary 363 days of the year on making sure the responsible service of alcohol is administered across its many fabulous wineries.

“For two days obviously the number of people become massively increased but a few of those people exhibit a little bit too much lack of control, let’s say. That I think needs to be reformatted for the current day.

“Celebration of the vale, celebration of the wines is excellent but what we need to do is continue the teaching that we do throughout the rest of the year and say, look, you need to celebrate this in a format that’s slightly more fitting with Barossa Gourmet Weekend and any other of the wine or food celebrations.

“The vale has incredible things to offer and it should be done so in a format that is more befitting the behaviour for the rest of the year.”