Sam Newman Hammers Trump Haters In Live Radio Outburst

Aug 10, 2017


Returning Footy Show host Eddie McGuire was explaining his plan to let Sam Newman “off the leash” at the same time as the controversial TV figure was unloading on Melbourne radio.

“Sam is a highly intelligent guy with his own unique points of view,” Eddie told David and Will on FIVEaa breakfast.

“What’s happened is people have tried to dive on top of him, and/or he has gone maybe to extreme lengths to keep the show going.

“What I want Sam to do is have discussion.

“We can have different points of view and actually have a discussion. I just like to think that you can have a different point of view -- it doesn’t mean we have to agree upon it, but at the same time we don’t have to shut it down at the first instance.”


Meanwhile Sam was telling Neil Mitchell on 3AW that Donald Trump detractors are “psychotic anarchists”:

“Donald Trump is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to America,” Sam said.

“He took over from the most unworthy, incompetent person ever to hold that office and he’s trying to right that ship.

“His detractors are psychotic anarchists who are nothing more than traitors to that country, which includes most of the Hollywood actors and the left-wing press.”