Sad Twist After An Emu Wounded A Keeper At Adelaide Zoo

Mar 13, 2019


An incident between a keeper and an emu at Adelaide Zoo on Tuesday was not an attack as widely reported but was rather an accident brought about by the emu’s poor health.

Zookeeper Diane contacted FIVEaa Breakfast on Wednesday to set the record straight:

“I just wanted to clear up -- there’s a lot of people commenting saying he attacked me and that’s not the case at all.

“The actual situation is Cecil is extremely sick, he’s been tube fed the last week… yesterday was another case where we were tube feeding. There were four of us there… as he went to get back up from tube feeding he accidentally rolled on his back and kicked out twice to get up and that’s how I copped it in the face and the armpit…

“There’s a lot of people commenting that weren’t there saying that he attacked me and that’s not the case at all.

“He’s a beautiful hand raised bird. We’ve been able do conscious x-rays, blood draws, everything from him and he hasn’t done one thing to us. He drops at command, he’s fully trained, and he’s been hand raised since he was a little chick and he’s truly a beautiful bird.

“It’s quite upsetting.

“I got quite a nasty puncture wound to my forehead and under my armpit. They are quite nasty but that’s not what I’m so much upset about. I’m upset about how the media have portrayed him and blown it out to be a nasty incident when it wasn’t at all.”