SA Tourism Defends Its Controversial New Ad

Sep 3, 2019


The lead ad in a new campaign to bring people to South Australia was designed to let people “judge Adelaide for yourself”, says the state’s tourism body.


The SA Tourism Commission’s Brent Hill told FIVEaa Breakfast:

“There’s a lot of perceptions around Adelaide… people were saying about Adelaide it’s a bucket list item, it’s something I’ll get to at some point in life and 20-odd years go by and they haven’t come down. We really wanted to hit that perception straight between the eyes…

“Judge Adelaide for yourself. A lot of people rely on third person commentary or really dated 15-20 year old commentary about Adelaide. We want people to come down and judge it for themselves.”


FIVEaa’s David Penberthy wasn’t so upbeat about the new ‘Old Mate’ ad:

“I hated it. I feel bad saying that. I don’t want to join in the pile on… I can see what they’re trying to say but I just don’t think it works very well.

“Didn’t we sack our local advertising firm and outsource it to Victoria? Maybe this is a Victorian plot to make us sound uninspiring.

“I watched it a couple of times and I was trying to be open minded but I just don’t think it works at all.”