Rowey And Penbo Butt Heads Over Latest Margaret Court Controversy

Nov 7, 2019


Margaret Court deserves to have the 50th anniversary of her grand slam year properly celebrated, says FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe.

Court has made headlines after asking Tennis Australia to mark the achievement in the same way it did for Rod Laver this year. But officials are reportedly unsure given Court’s polarising presence in the tennis world after voicing her strong opposition to homosexuality and gay marriage.

Rowey told FIVEaa Breakfast on Thursday:

“Our greatest ever tennis player Margaret Court -- she’s put pressure on Tennis Australia to honour her 50th anniversary of her 1970 grand slam title.

“They celebrated Rod Laver’s this year. It was really special.

“Margaret hasn’t returned to the Aussie Open since being chastised out of the game -- and she was -- for her Christian beliefs. [She] hasn’t returned to her court since the same sex marriage debate. I reckon that’s sad and wrong -- there’s got to be a solution somewhere for that to be celebrated.”

PENBO: “She does seem to be pretty high maintenance on this issue though Rowey. It sounds like the number one thing that she is motivated by in life now, a bit like Israel Folau, is using sport as a vehicle to sort of ram her views down everyone else’s throat.”

ROWEY: “I don’t think she does… Margaret Court is a legend... the greatest ever male or female tennis player the world has ever seen, look at her record. She’s a Christian and she’s a reverend who quote verses from the Bible. I’m not defending what she’s done publicly but we are in a world of hurt as a nation if political correctness trumps that.”