Report A Truck SPILLED Iced Coffee All Over An Adelaide Road This Morning

Apr 17, 2019


A truck reportedly lost its load and spilled “precious” iced coffee all over a busy Adelaide road on Wednesday morning.

The news comes just days after it was revealed SA is in the grip of an iced coffee shortage.

FIVEaa Breakfast producer Lucy reported on Wednesday:

“Port Wakefield Road at Churchill Road there is a truck spill over the road and iced coffee has come off the truck…

“On my little email here: ‘Iced coffee has come off truck’ exclamation mark, from the traffic net.”

WILL GOODINGS: “No way. Is that seriously what’s happened? That’s a genuine tragedy. In the midst of an iced coffee drought the iced coffee truck has been derailed and spilled this precious liquid all over the ground. If anyone can spot the last remaining iced coffee spilling onto the road at Port Wakefield road call us and let us know what it looks like.”

DAVID PENBERTHY: “A genuine crisis surrounds iced coffee in this town at the moment. With the current shortage people will be down on their hands and knees licking the ground.”