Questions Asked About The Future Of Transport Minister Stephan Knoll

May 9, 2019


How long will Premier Steven Marshall stick with Stephan Knoll, asks FIVEaa’s Matthew Abraham, following the transport minister’s latest headache where two sections of the Darlington South Road upgrade collapsed.

Matt told FIVEaa Breakfast on Thursday:

“It’s not a good look for a minister and I am wondering how long Steven Marshall will stick with Stephan Knoll…

“I’m wondering how long Marshall will stick with this guy as transport minister. You’ve got health, education, transport in South Australia -- obviously you’ve got treasury -- but they’re three key portfolios where you have problems. And roads is the worst you can have because people get really cranky.

“You’ve got a $620 million project... it will be longer than six weeks that there will be traffic delays…

“How long are they going to stick with somebody who appears to be believing everything his department tells him?

“Tom Koutsantonis got into strife for dropping the f-bomb in conversations with public servants… and yet I think it’s a good idea if you’re a minister that your department’s a little bit scared of you, as opposed to, ‘Let’s go up, it’s only Stephan… he’ll believe everything we tell him.’

“He said he had some pretty stern conversations with public servants. Really? I’d like to know if he dropped the f-word at all because if he hasn’t, he hasn’t had a stern conversation.

“They hung him out to dry.

“They told us -- the taxpayers and the motorists -- it was only confined to a small section. The next day a bigger section slumps and now we’re told it’s that ‘general area’.”