Premier Steven Marshall Is Getting Close To A “Backbench Revolt”

Aug 6, 2019


Premier Steven Marshall is edging closer to a “backbench revolt” as the Liberal government’s land tax plan wreaks havoc with “its own people”, reports FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy.

Penbo said during Tuesday’s Breaking @ 8 segment:

“They say that they feel completely betrayed by the position the government has taken on land tax… the big end of town is not going to do down quietly on this, if anything they are dialling up their campaign.

“In the past week I’ve spoke to a couple of Liberal MPs within the Marshall government who say they are extremely worried. It has not yet got to the backbench revolt stage but I reckon it’s close.

“Don’t be surprised if within the next fortnight there is increased and possibly even public pressure on the Treasurer Rob Lucas and the Premier Steven Marshall to have a compete rethink of this issue because it threatens to tear up a lot of the Liberal party’s tradition base.”