Premier Fires Off An Angry Text To David And Will During FIVEaa Breakfast

Jun 13, 2018


Premier Steven Marshall has hit back at comments made on FIVEaa that he would probably like to walk away from the push to deregulate shop hours if he could.

7 News reporter Mike Smithson said deregulation laws were likely to be blocked by the upper house.

“The embarrassing thing for the government, unless there is a major turnaround… it just sends a signal that Steven Marshall made a grand promise -- it was one of his key planks -- and unless something changes it will fall flat on its face,” Smithson said.

“It’s one that I think the government, if it could walk away from it, it would probably like to at this point, but it has to go ahead… they thought they had a mandate to do it and they don’t.”

Moments later David Penberthy’s phone was buzzing.

“I just got a text from the Premier Steven Marshall: ‘What a load of rubbish. Will not walk away from our position to grow our economy.’ There you go.”

SMITHO: “I never said he would walk away from it, I said he probably wished it hadn’t happened… hello premier. Glad you’re listening. He loves me.”