Power Has Gone Out In These Adelaide Suburbs For The Third Time This Week

Nov 8, 2019


Multiple suburbs in Adelaide’s west are currently experiencing their third power outage this week thanks to an insulator crack that will be “a momentous task to try and find”.

Will Goodings reported during FIVEaa Breakfast on Friday that Findon, Woodville South, Woodville West and Seaton were all without power.

“We’ve contacted SA Power Networks and as we understand it there is a fundamental infrastructure problem at Findon,” he said.

“There’s a hairline crack in an insulator that is a momentous task to try and find. So while the power can get back up and running to fix the underlying problem causes some real issues.”

According to SAPN’s Paul Roberts:

“We scheduled some additional crews this morning to do a full line patrol. We’ve got crews out there now but we’ll have some additional crews assisting.

“It’s obviously inconvenient to have three outages and we don’t want to have another one.”