Port Adelaide Great Is Open To Running Adelaide Crows Review

Aug 9, 2019


“Legendary” football administrator and Magpies premiership captain Brian Cunningham is reportedly open to playing a role in any external review of the Adelaide Crows at the end of the year, reports FIVEaa Breakfast’s Will Goodings.

Will said during Friday’s Breaking @ 8 segment:

“At the end of the season some such review might well be conducted. The question then turns to who might be engaged to undertake such a process.

“There is no more respected football administrator in recent South Australian football history than Brian Cunningham. You will recall he did a very successful review of the North Adelaide Football Club’s football program in recent years -- subsequently they won a premiership.

“FIVEaa Breakfast understands that if approached Brian Cunningham would be quite receptive to being part of or heading up such a review of the Adelaide Football Club’s football department…

“That would be an offer too good to pass up. If you could get someone with that reputation at that level who’s done this so well in the past, to run the rule through things…

“There is no one with a better reputation when it comes to the administration of football clubs in this town and Crows people will say that as well. The guy is legendary… and as we say, he would be up for the task if asked.”