Popular Adelaide Street To Close Down For Road Works

Apr 9, 2019


Adelaide’s King William Road could close down for at least three weeks this year as part of an upgrade of the popular main street, reports FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy.

Penbo said during Tuesday’s Breaking @ 8 segment:

“There is some pretty spectacular traffic disruption on the horizon. We understand that as part of the King William Road upgrade King William Road -- the full length of it, right up to Greenhill Road -- is going to be closed at some stage this year for a minimum of three weeks.

“It’s not the busiest road in the mornings but for a lot of people who are coming into town it is extremely handy. What it will mean is traffic is going to be shifted over to either Goodwood Road or Unley Road, both of which are already very congested.

“My understanding is that the Unley Council is thinking all of this through very carefully… there’s some discussion around whether they’re going to leave one lane of the road open and spend twice as long doing the repaving. So they’d do one side first and then do the other side.

“The problem is if they do it that way it will cost ratepayers heaps more because it’s a longer process… if you close the whole thing you can repave it faster. There are big fears as well that it is going to be extremely hard for a lot of the businesses there to deal with a long and extended closure.”