Police Commissioner Comments On Sickening Officer Attack Video

Jun 6, 2019


SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens says the vision of an off-duty cop being attacked in the Adelaide CBD is “worth people seeing” as he considers appealing the offender’s sentence.

Wol Magot Door, 26, was sentenced to 18 months in jail non-parole over the 2015 bashing.

Commissioner Stevens told FIVEaa Breakfast on Thursday:

“The offender has received a custodial sentence -- that’s a positive. Whether or not that’s sufficient is something I’m having my prosecution team have a look at and talk to the DPP about it.

“It’s pretty graphic stuff and I think it’s worth people seeing. This is the sort of stuff police officers have to confront. We have something in the order of 700 or 800 police officers a year are assaulted.

“From an operational point of view that takes away about 1,500 days of policing that we have available to us because these police officers are off work as a result of an assault. It’s costing us in the order of $500-600,000 a year. That’s taking a business look at it, but the impact on the individuals is what most concerns me.”