Penbo Lets Rip After He “Starred” At Community Meeting About Crows Parklands Plan

Feb 13, 2020


FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy says “200 hippies in the North Adelaide town hall” are being left to determine the future of a major state project after he was accused of snubbing a public meeting about the Adelaide Crows proposal to redevelop the Aquatic Centre.

Penbo’s photo was placed on stage and an article he wrote read out at the gathering on Wednesday night, where it was claimed he had refused to attend.

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The meeting was organised by the Adelaide Parklands Preservation Association, who are openly against the AFC proposal [source:]

David told FIVEaa Breakfast on Thursday:

“Was the idea that we snubbed it? I had not one phone call, not one direct message on Twitter, not one email to my work address or my Hotmail address asking me to come. I would’ve happily gone. 200 people -- this is the groundswell is it?

“I heard Sandy Verschoor in the news -- now I just hear blah, blah, blah when she talks about this. It goes in one ear and out the other. I genuinely think this is an issue for the state government. We’ve got the special projects laws where they can step in and say this is a project of state significance…

“I really think on an issue like this is [Steven Marshall] going to let 200 hippies in the North Adelaide town hall determine the future of such a major state project? And a council that if you posted it a raffle book and a live chicken would hold three meetings going, we’re thinking about having some kind of raffle but we’re just not quite sure how to organise it.

“Are these the people who run our state, are they?”

Caller Margaret who was at the community meeting told FIVEaa Breakfast it was “a complete waste of time”.

“It wasn’t actually a debate,” she said. “It was just a degradation of the Adelaide Football Club and to a lesser extent the Adelaide City Council, and also David and Paul Starick… I didn’t learn anything… I’m not one way or the other… but it was just terrible, a complete waste of time and quite boring and just rubbishing all the people that didn’t agree with them… it was childish.”