Penbo Calls Out Nick Xenophon Over Port Adelaide Pokie “Hypocrisy”

Mar 13, 2018


David Penberthy says Nick Xenophon can’t have a go at Woolworths for making money off pokies while pledging millions in taxpayer funds for Port Adelaide’s Alberton upgrade, which also makes money from pokies.

“It looks very much like Nick Xenophon is setting his principles on poker machines aside purely because he wants to win the seat of Port Adelaide,” Penbo said on Tuesday

“None of this is a knock either on Port or the project because the Alberton upgrade is going to be a very good thing…

“But the thing that is particularly interesting is the role of SA Best in starting the bidding war between Nick Xenophon and the Labor party.

“The hypocrisy for Nick Xenophon is he spent a large part of this weekend going after Woolworths. He said this is a big supermarket giant that derives about 10 per cent of its income from poker machines.

“I’m not sure what Port’s revenue model is… but they would derive a significant amount of their revenue from pokies. You can’t have a crack at Woolworths while at the same time argue that tax payer money should be spent helping out an AFL club that’s already making a profit.”