Parents Of Killed Australian Girl “Horrified” After Latest London Terror Attack

Dec 2, 2019


The parents of a young Australian killed in the 2017 London Bridge attack say all of the recommendations following that incident have so far been ignored.

The parents of Sara Zelenak spoke to Sunrise’s David Koch after two more lives were lost in another attack in the same area over the weekend.

Kochie has told FIVEaa Breakfast:

“They were absolutely horrified with what happened on the weekend.

“They were part of a 10-week coronial inquiry in London where a whole bunch of recommendations were made in terms of how to keep former terrorists who had been released from jail under observation and tightening of particular laws…

“All of the recommendations so far have been ignored, which was a horrible situation for them to be in, to basically relive the death of their daughter. As they said, this inquest was all in vain.

“They think these proposed recommendations have got to be adopted and I think I side with them on this. We’ve got a daughter living in London and it keeps happening in London and can’t anymore. Something’s got to be done.”

Sara Zelenak was one of eight killed in the 2017 London Bridge terror attack | Image |